Furious 4 Months

The last four months have been a blur! We moved into our new house at the end of June and we haven’t even lived here 4 months yet, but a lot has happened in that short amount of time. We’ve crossed a ton of home improvement projects off the list, attended a few weddings, got both children through surgery, celebrated some birthdays, tried to enjoy a bit of summer, caught up with some old friends and even threw our first bash!

In a previous post I promised some before & after shots of our house projects. Since the weather has been nice, our primary focus has been outdoors, but I don’t have any great shots to show off the new fence, deck or landscaping – so that will have to wait. We’ve not done a ton inside and we’re not even close to being done, but here is a photo update of our progress so far:

Picture 4

There is still a ton to be done in the kitchen. We plan to strip, stain and refinish the floors, but the bigger project will be the cabinets, as we plan to paint them white. We’ll also be replacing the light over the table and hanging pendants over the island.

Picture 3

While the living room looks almost complete, we’ve got a long way to go. We plan to replace the incredibly dated and uncomfortable berber carpet, but I keep waiting for Will to stop throwing ravioli on it. I think the better solution is to move his high chair out of reach, although he has a pretty good arm.. We’ve also made the decision to replace all the base board in the house and paint all trim and molding white.  If we still have energy, we’ve talked about adding built in benches against the windows too.

Picture 2

I’m really happy with how Ella’s room turned out. We had planned to focus on the downstairs first, but in true fashion, our little diva kept asking when her room would be painted, so she moved up on the priority list. The remaining items in this room include painting all the trim and replacing the base board. Even though we don’t love it, we’ve decided to keep the carpet in both kiddo’s rooms so when they trash it, we won’t care as much! To see another angle of Ella’s room click here.

I’ve updated the spare bedroom, twice actually. I first decided that I would paint the accent wall the same color as I chose for my fireplace wall, but after I had finished – I realized I hated it in that room. So I painted it again. I’ve also updated the dining room, entryway and lower bath. Those photos will have to wait for another update. My next project is Will’s room. Unfortunately he’s been pushed aside since he can’t talk yet. Even though it was a huge pain, I plan to do something similar as his last room.

Speaking of Will – he’s getting so big. In fact it was as I was sitting down to update his baby book when I realized just how fast the past few months have gone. We’ve been so furious that I had almost not recognized all the new things he is doing. He is talking up a storm and showing off his large personality more and more everyday. He says mama, dada, Ella, dog, truck, ball, no, uh-oh and woah. He loves fruit and refuses to eat almost any food that could be considered real. He throws everything (refer to ravioli mention above) and think it’s hilarious when he’s being naughty. He recently broke two more teeth, making a total of 10 chompers in that little mouth. He & Ella love each other and play really well together. We are finally having his baptism this coming weekend & I’m excited to have some of our friends and family here to visit.