Thankful For

With November being the month of Thanksgiving, I see a lot of people on Facebook posting what
they’re thankful for each day. In past years I’ve tried to partake but always fell short by missing too many days.

That doesn’t mean I’m not thankful for all the amazing things in my life. I could likely post something every day of the month but when I really look at it there’s one day in November that I’m especially thankful for.

November 26th. The start of my life. On that day we welcomed our beautiful little girl into the world. Sure I’d done many things before that, but none that could measure up to that experience.

Already almost five years ago, that day set the stage for the rest of our lives. We didn’t plan Ella, but she had plans for us. She pushed us to buy our first home, to get married, to have another baby (our second blessing), to move to a better school (our second home), etc.

She has shown us there is more to life & has taught us to be selfless. Sure, if we didn’t have kids we might have enjoyed many other experiences. Traveled the world, purchased nicer things, paid more bills – but who would provide us with daily entertainment like this?

She has allowed us to be a part of something bigger. While we wish she didn’t have to endure struggles due to her cleft, as founders of Cleft Awareness, we’ve built a cleft community and made many new friends we never anticipated.

In a few short days we’ll celebrate her fifth birthday. I can’t believe it’s been five years already! Those five years have been rewarding, but definitely not easy. I suppose that’s all a part of her larger than life personality. Besides, nothing in life worth doing is easy.

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